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Open New Revenue Channels with Chat Commerce – West Africa Edition

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Clickatell is connecting West Africa to the Chat Economy – download our free webinar today: Open New Revenue Channels with Chat – West Africa Edition & find out how!

During these uncertain times, customers rely on businesses to provide Assurance, Support and Communication. For forward-thinking businesses, providing access to reliable, business-focused engagement and transactional resources is non-negotiable.

Check out the latest Clickatell On-demand Webinar Episode: Open New Revenue Channels with Chat – West Africa Edition, to find out how your business can turn present-day challenges into opportunities for growth, innovation, engagement, improvement, and long-term success.

This webinar will detail the ways mobile channels can deliver on your brand promise with improved communications, secure transactional platforms and high-end customer support, through Chat Apps like WhatsApp and SMS.

Hear about new methods to manage high volume support contact centres and learn how to offer your products and services via your customers’ favourite Chat platforms.

Listen to the latest Clickatell On-Demand Webinar Episode today and find out how to answer customer Frequently Asked Questions via Chat, deflect calls using WhatsApp and allow secure transactions, while reducing operational and staffing costs.

With Clickatell, Staying Connected is as simple as “Hi”, “Buy”, “Bye.

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