The Chat Channel – the next critical fraud prevention layer

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Clickatell is connecting your business to security and peace of mind via ‘Chat’. Download our free webinar today: ‘The Chat Channel – the next critical fraud prevention layer’ to find out more!

Fraud mitigation techniques have become more sophisticated and robust as new technologies help to identify and prevent fraudulent transactions. However, issuers, merchants, payment gateways, and businesses still often rely on consumers to identify and verify fraudulent activities – usually with the same email, phone, and snail mail methods they’ve been using for years.

This webinar will explain how to tailor your engagement processes to safety, convenience and speed via ‘chat’, while increasing response rates and better verifying potential fraud.

Our panel of experts will discuss how the modern consumer expects familiar, convenient, high-end digital-first experiences with immediate results, and how the chat channel provides a critical layer to the fraud mitigation tool kit.

Listen to the latest Clickatell on-demand webinar and learn more about the immediate improvements you will see across your broader fraud prevention efforts.

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