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Chat Commerce and the Evolution of Air Travel
How Airlines Are Delighting and Transacting with Customers in Messaging Apps

In just six months, airline FlySafair has skyrocketed customer satisfaction rates by offering travelers a full Chat Commerce experience from start to finish.

Powered by Clickatell’s Chat Commerce Platform, FlySafair was able to meet customers on the messaging app they already use and love – WhatsApp. And today, 48% of their customers choose to interact with them on WhatsApp over other channels, with 45% receiving their boarding passes on the popular messaging app.

In this webinar, Clickatell VP of Sales for the Americas Justin Williams is joined by Eswee Vorster, Executive Manager and CIO of FlySafair as well as Ken Ritchie, Senior Director at Visa CyberSource Global Industry Solutions, to discuss how airlines can leverage messaging apps to usher in the future of air travel in the digital age. 


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