120 Ways Real Modern Businesses Use SMS

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SMS is much more than just sending a text message. It’s a way to engage with customers and keep them in the loop every day, wherever they might be. 

Our eBook shows 120 real-world examples of how modern businesses in various industries use SMS, from shipping updates to flight and hotel check-ins, food delivery services, medical prescriptions, financial services and payments, surveys and feedback, emergency requests, alerts and time-critical reminders, and so much more.

In this guide, you’ll discover how SMS is being used by top-performing businesses with customer satisfaction rates that are through the roof. Uncover how to use SMS daily to connect with and convert customers by sending timely and relevant messages straight to their mobile phones. 

Whatever your industry, our examples will spark your imagination and give you practical ways to elevate your company’s communications strategy and build lasting affinity with your brand. 

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