Messaging and Chat Use Case for Health and Wellness

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As of 2022, around 6.65 billion people have smartphones and use them daily to schedule and manage their lives. It’s where they spend much of their time, and these days, they expect your health and wellness business to reach them there too.

Your clients don’t want to download more apps or use old-school methods like phone calls or email to reach out to your health and wellness business. Instead, they’re looking for real-time assistance from you at their fingertips whenever they need you.

From chatbot support to two-way messaging with a live person, you can show your clients that you care around the clock and wherever they are. Use SMS and chat to send them updates, schedule appointments with ease, and make secure contact-free payments—they will love doing business with you with the convenience of their mobile phones.

In this guide, you will find out how to turn text messaging into a fully functional digital commerce experience for your customers, enabling your health and wellness teams to notify, engage, monitor, and support your patients and clients. 

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