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Chat Commerce Buyer's Guide

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Consumer behavior is continually evolving, and your marketing, tech, and CX teams are feeling the pressure to keep up. The secret to success? Chat Commerce. By incorporating it into your brand's targeted marketing strategy, you empower customers to shop through instant messaging platforms like SMS, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger.

Imagine a customer abandons their cart. Soon after, that item goes on sale. You can inform them of the offer through chat and give them a quick way to act and make the purchase. Suddenly, you not only become your customer's hero, but you also convert that initial sale, all while making the process feel personal and seamless. 

In this eBook, you'll discover ways to integrate Chat Commerce within your existing work processes and tech stacks without the hassle of development time, security issues, and other common concerns. Download it now to see real examples of how it can serve your marketing, tech, and CX teams in saving costs, improving efficiency, and more.

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SMS and two-way channels, automation, call center integration, payments - do it all with Clickatell's Chat Commerce platform.