14 November 2023

Clickatell Boosts Chat Commerce Capabilities with Latest Platform Enhancements

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Innovative Features Transform Mobile Messaging into a Commerce Powerhouse

REDWOOD CITY, Calif., November 14, 2023 – ​​​Clickatell​, ​​a pioneer in mobile messaging and Chat Commerce innovation, today announced groundbreaking updates to its Chat Commerce Platform across all three of its packages: Connect, Interact and Transact. This strengthens Clickatell's commitment to empowering brands to take advantage of the opportunities of chat commerce, the next wave of digital commerce.

"The updates represent a significant leap forward in redefining the customer experience within the chat commerce ecosystem,” said Jeppe Dorff, Chief Product and Technology Officer at Clickatell. “Clickatell is proud to continue leading the charge in innovating how businesses interact with their customers.”

Enhanced features unveiled on Clickatell’s Chat Commerce Platform include:

Connect: Amplify Marketing Campaigns on WhatsApp

The Connect package now includes Campaign Manager for WhatsApp, enabling marketers to fully realize the promotion, and customer engagement potential of the world’s most popular messaging platform, at scale.

Interact: Conversational Marketing and Next Gen Customer Service

The Interact package introduces features that enhance conversational marketing and advanced customer service. Key updates include:

  • Clickatell AI that understands customer intent and provides real-time support, improving operational efficiency and increasing customer engagement.

  • Customer journey mapping enables real time data insights and analytics to improve customer experience.

  • New interactive messaging features and UI elements that enable richer, automated messaging experiences on WhatsApp.

Businesses adopting Clickatell's Interact package will experience a host of advantages aimed at improving their operations and customer relations. This includes improved customer experience and engagement through two-way messaging, fostering meaningful interactions between businesses and their clients. Additionally, it allows for streamlined business processes, optimizing efficiency and responsiveness. With fast, 24/7 support available on messaging channels, businesses can deliver superior customer service, ensuring prompt assistance whenever needed. On the consumer side, individuals can revel in personalized and interactive brand experiences delivered through trusted and familiar messaging channels, elevating the overall customer journey.

Transact: Complete Digital Commerce Experiences in Mobile Messaging

The Transact package includes a comprehensive suite of features, allowing businesses to create complete digital commerce experiences within mobile messaging. Key updates include:

  • WhatsApp commerce features that enable businesses to build end-to-end commerce experiences, from an ad on Facebook to a conversation in WhatsApp, deliver promotions, checkout and post-sale engagement.

  • Secure, hosted checkout and card tokenization, features that enhance conversions with one-tap or quick-reply to pay.

  • Customer profile feature that recognizes return customers, enabling personalization and unique user journeys.

  • PCI-compliant global payment gateway that ensures secure transactions.

  • Order fulfillment and delivery messaging that streamline operations and post-sales service integration with existing CRM and OMS.

Businesses leveraging Clickatell's Transact package can significantly increase revenue through innovative commerce experiences introduced in new channels, reaching customers in a more dynamic and engaging way. Moreover, these updates aim to improve customer satisfaction by providing intuitive and convenient commerce experiences, ensuring that businesses stay ahead in meeting the evolving expectations of their clients. On the consumer side, individuals stand to gain an improved shopping experience characterized by convenience and personalization.

"These updates underscore our commitment to enabling businesses to unlock the full potential of chat commerce, providing a win-win for both businesses and consumers alike,” said Dorff. “Clickatell's Chat Commerce Platform is at the forefront of transforming the way brands engage and transact with their customers."

​​In a landscape where commerce converges with conversation, Clickatell's Chat Commerce Platform enables businesses to seamlessly connect, interact, and transact with customers on popular messaging channels like WhatsApp, Apple Messages, SMS, and USSD.

Please visit Clickatell’s Chat Commerce Platform, Connect, Interact and Transact  pages for more information.

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