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Can I set up automated response messages?

How do I add agent users to Chat Desk?

How do I change my agent status to available/unavailable in Chat Desk?

How do I transfer a chat to another agent? 

How will Chat Desk benefit my customers?

What happens when all agents are offline?

What is Chat Desk?

What type of reporting is available on Chat Desk?

Where can I see recent completed chats or a chat that ended unexpectedly?

Where can I see the chat history of a customer in Chat Desk?

Where is the new Chat Desk agent user that I invited?

Which channels are supported on Chat Desk?

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Contact support

Contact our support team and one of our agents will be in touch with you to answer any questions you have.

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Developer docs

Developer docs

Access the latest technical information regarding Clickatell’s channels, products and APIs.

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