Transform customer engagement with WhatsApp Business

Unleash conversational marketing, always-on customer service, and effortless payments, at scale.

WhatsApp Business Platform

Conversations that drive business forward

With the Clickatell Chat Commerce Platform your business can not only reach billions of potential customers, but also create seamless customer interactions, drive deeper engagement, and automate repetitive business processes.

From marketing campaigns and sales promotions to customer service inquiries, use WhatsApp to streamline customer communication on one highly effective channel.

Amplify engagement at every opportunity

Improve your digital strategy and use the WhatsApp Business Platform to enhance marketing, sales, and customer service.

Marketing and Promotions
Unlock the power of conversational marketing

Direct WhatsApp marketing
Send personalized marketing campaigns, promotions, product updates, and exclusive offers directly to customers' WhatsApp inboxes.

Amplify brand reach
Drive brand awareness, generate leads, and amplify marketing efforts with WhatsApp's expansive reach.
Automated outreach
Automate outreach for impactful engagement with your audience.

Automated outreach
Automate outreach for impactful engagement with your audience.

Unlock the power of conversational marketing
Sales and revenue
Streamline sales and increase revenues

Efficient Sales Enhancements

Streamline your sales process by integrating to your CRM and OMS.

Send real-time product availability, pricing details, and even enable direct purchases.

Nurture leads and drive sales growth

Use it for follow-up conversations, or cart abandonment messaging.

Send product catalogues, answer questions, and share quotes.

Increase sales with the Clickatell platform
Leveraging the power of dynamic communication channels.

Streamline sales and increase revenues
Customer Service
Deliver customer service that delights consumers

Superior customer service

Provide immediate, personalized customer service, 24/7, right where your customers are.

Seamless customer support
Improve customer support by resolving queries and issues promptly in a messaging channel that customers already use daily.

Real-time assistance

Respond to queries, resolve issues, and provide assistance in real-time.

Automated responses
Automate responses for common questions, freeing up your support staff for more complex queries.

Deliver customer service that delights consumers

WhatsApp messaging for every business need

From marketing promotions to customer self-service, and even payments in chat, deliver helpful, real-time brand interactions throughout the customer journey.

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Promotional messaging

Engage your customers with innovative marketing campaigns, announcements, product recommendations, sweepstakes, and timely offers. Manage opt-outs for those who don’t.

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Commerce Messaging

Make it easy for customers to browse, select, and purchase without leaving the conversation, with innovative, secure digital commerce experiences.

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Support messaging

Automate responses and processes for simple issues and allow your live agents to focus on the complex problems, reducing call volumes, and providing robust customer support.

See it in action

We enable complete commerce experiences in WhatsApp. Click below to see what that looks like for different industries.

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WhatsApp for Retail

Amplify customer engagement and increase revenues with our full retail experience on WhatsApp.

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Unlock success with Clickatell and the WhatsApp Business Platform

Partner with Clickatell and use the WhatsApp Business Platform to transform your customer engagement. From seamless marketing to effortless customer support, WhatsApp offers a versatile solution for businesses. Experience the power of convenience, streamline your operations, and witness the impact of personalized communication. Join the thousands of businesses worldwide using WhatsApp to drive success.

Customer Success

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Press Release

Dis-Chem Chooses Clickatell’s Chat Commerce Platform to Serve Millions of Customers Over WhatsApp

Dis-Chem rolls out new WhatsApp chat channel delivering self-help services and loyalty program management over chat.

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Clickatell has made the road to bringing our customers a fast, affordable, reliable, and better connection so much easier. Since partnering with Clickatell we have grown in leaps and bounds.


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