SMS Products

Reach, inform, and market to your customers directly

Reach, inform, and market to your customers directly

Reach customers with campaigns, updates, or operational business systems. With SMS, you can:

  • Rapidly and effectively reach customers and prospects.

  • Offer personalized, real-time engagement with one-way or two-way messaging.

  • Create and initiate marketing campaigns that reach customers anywhere on the globe.

  • SMS-enable key business applications, websites, and other systems with easy integration to your existing business systems.

  • Automate customer-facing interactions and business processes with order updates, promotional and loyalty offers, payment reminders, two-factor authentication, and customer support.

Instantly tap into the connective power of SMS

Personalize the customer experience
Personalize the customer experience

Send unique, individualized messages to targeted customers.

Reach anyone anywhere
Reach anyone anywhere

Engage instantly across 1000+ carriers in 224 countries and territories.

Get conversational
Get conversational

Use two-way SMS messaging with personalized short codes or long numbers to conduct engaging conversations with customers.

Boost engagement
Boost engagement

Decrease the number of incoming voice calls and email inquiries by supporting customers effectively and efficiently with SMS.

Account notifications

Transaction-based alerts for banking, eCommerce, and on-demand services.

Appointment reminders

Send appointment reminders from your CRM.

Dispatch notifications

Allow customers to track deliveries.

One Way Messaging

Authentication services

Two-factor authentication services to fight fraudulent activity.

Customer loyalty services

Send digital receipts, loyalty program updates, and promotional offers.

Customer services

Log customer support queries.

Two Way Messaging

Get started sooner with intuitive, comprehensive, and highly scalable SMS capabilities

  • SMS-enabled key business applications, websites, and other systems.

  • Cloud-hosted, user-friendly web-based interface.

  • Single account interface for multiple business users.

  • Unlimited testing and assistance.

  • Role-based access control.

Create, manage, and track SMS programs and activities

  • Campaign manager application included.

  • Thousands of messages delivered per second.

  • Two-way messaging with short codes and long numbers.

  • Comprehensive real-time reporting.

Get connected to more than 5 billion worldwide with a reliable, experienced SMS partner.