SMS Gateway

Reach customers around the world with secure, reliable, and fast bulk SMS messaging

Our hosted specialized SMS Gateway lets you cost-effectively connect to your customers at scale with dynamic routing and extensive mobile networks.

Build strong relationships and retain customers with our high-performance SMS Gateway

Send and receive bulk SMS messages from more than 1000 mobile networks and to over 220 countries and territories with our easy-to-use cloud-based interface.

Clickatell’s SMS Gateway is a premier messaging solution for Clickatell’s partners, resellers, aggregators, and large enterprises who seek full message-level delivery controls and custom routing configurations for international and optimized local SMS delivery.



Send high throughput, high volume SMS messages using our reliable SMPP API or seamless integration into our HTTP and REST APIs.



Built for scale, our Gateway will help you grow your business with high volume SMS messaging at peak throughput.

Optimized routing

Optimized routing

Custom configure routing for all your specialized SMS needs including Sender ID support, character encoding, message concatenation, local domicile-based delivery, and support for registered content.



Reach your customers securely with 99.9% platform uptime.

Network operations

Network operations

24/7/365 Network operations center team monitoring.



Access to standard and customized dashboards and reports including throughput, API acceptance, and message queuing.

We’re a global leader in mobile messaging connecting brands with their customers wherever they are.

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Why choose us as your enterprise bulk SMS Gateway provider?

Join more than 15 000 brands who have chosen Clickatell as their preferred SMS solution provider.

20+ years of proven mobile SMS messaging experience

  • We connect leading enterprise brands to their customers via SMS.

Global SMS coverage to reach every corner of the globe

  • Our SMS Gateway securely delivers billions of messages per year to more than 1000 networks in 200 countries and territories including difficult-to-reach countries not serviced by other providers.

Flexible integration

  • Our SMS Gateway provides multiple APIs making it easy for your developers with API and cloud-based integration experience.

Dedicated SMS support specialists

  • Our experienced SMS support team is available with 24/7 messaging support.

Which SMS product option is best for me?

Clickatell offers two SMS connectivity products: SMS APIs and an SMS Gateway. Both products come with Clickatell’s enterprise-level support, full scalability, 24/7 team monitoring, 99.9% platform uptime, and secure messaging encryption.

SMS Gateway

Ideal if you:

  • Are a large enterprise, aggregator, partner, or reseller sending a minimum of 250 000 messages per month.

  • Are an SMS specialist and SMS is the only channel you require.

  • Require access to specialized APIs like SMPP (in addition to standard APIs such as HTTP and REST).

  • Require custom routing profiles and full feature-level controls.

  • Require any type of special services such as conversion APIs, custom monitoring, content registration, locale domicile pricing, etc.

  • Want a post-paid billing agreement.

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Ideal if you:

  • Are a business sending any number of messages per month – any SMS amount for any business size!

  • Are planning on using other messaging channels in addition to SMS (WhatsApp, etc.).

  • Require an HTTP API or REST-based API (Clickatell’s One API supports other digital channels such as WhatsApp).

  • Require standard and priority routing as well as standard feature controls.

  • Want access to Clickatell’s Chat Flow, Chat Desk, and Campaign Manager products.

  • Want a pre-paid or post-paid billing agreement.

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Looking for specialized aggregator or partner services? Our SMS Gateway has you covered!

Bulk SMS messaging

  • Full services Gateway supporting both real-time automated throughput management and load balancing.

  • 1-way and 2-way messaging (short codes, long numbers), Sender ID configuration.

  • Support for high throughput APIs like SMPP.

  • Standard API support using REST API.

  • Data encryption of message content.

Flexible routing

  • Standard and custom routing profiles; full routing-level and feature control.

  • Custom routing configuration.

  • Real-time delivery receipts.


  • Setup of in-country message delivery pricing available to local entities.

Value-added services

  • Country regulation management for compliant SMS delivery.

  • Sender ID registration for supported countries.

  • Content and service registration for supported countries.

  • HRL lookup services.

  • Bespoke monitoring and alerting services.

  • Customer dashboards and reporting services.


  • 24/7/365 team monitoring.

Multiple integration options are available with Clickatell's SMS Gateway

We offer multiple APIs to integrate into our SMS Gateway. Which API you choose depends on your development capabilities, so if you’re not sure which one to go with, don’t hesitate to contact our support team who’ll be more than happy to assist you.


This real-time SMS API is built according to best practice architecture guidelines for RESTful API design over the HTTP protocol layer. Ideal for developers to easily implement a more extensive integration solution, and send batches of up to 500 destination numbers per submission through our international SMS messaging gateway.


Our simplest, most popular messaging API. This easy-to-use and powerful piece of code will quickly and easily integrate with your systems and applications, allowing you to send SMS messages internationally using our reliable bulk SMS messaging gateway.


The Short Message Peer to Peer (SMPP) API offers carrier-grade SMS messaging to send out a high volume of text messages at high speed through a dedicated SMPP server. Expect extremely fast real-time messaging via a 24/7 authenticated connection to the Clickatell Gateway.

With 20 years of experience as a global SMS provider, Clickatell’s communication and engagement capabilities have been assisting business to stay in touch with their clients

"Karri is a global first and a brilliant solution that eliminates the inconvenience of school payments. Karri relies on its ability to communicate with parents. “Because SMS messages are delivered directly to their mobile phones, parents are able to navigate the download process and installation process with ease, and with a far higher success rate.” Clickatell’s APIs quickly and easily allowed us to “fire off an SMS from anywhere in our tech stack, making it very easy to develop it into applications."

Louis Buys, Founder

"Alert-a-buddy is an automated buddy system that relies on SMS to help reduce workload, and provide a vital and robust employee safety net for lone workers around the clock, 365 days a year. As is the case for all SMS messaging customers, reliability is key. Clickatell’s “SMS messaging provides a quick and easy way for users to communicate with our system. Everyone is so familiar with SMS that it’s often the easiest way for them to communicate."

Alanna Lawrie-Fussey, Managing Director

"Bands For Hire Ltd is a live music agency operating in the UK, providing musical bands for any occasion. They use SMS messaging to effectively communicate and inform clients that an email has been sent, prompting them to check their emails sooner. A simple SMS message takes care of the problem. Bands for Hire chose to use Clickatell for its “easy-to-use API with full and clear documentation and numerous code samples to get started."

Adam Mezzatesta, Founder
bands for hire

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