Unleash the power of SMS campaigns

campaign manager
SMS marketing campaign manager for increased effectiveness.

Increase the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns with well-orchestrated campaign management. Campaign Manager lets you launch SMS campaigns in minutes, increasing customer conversion rates in a targeted and cost-effective manner.

  • Engage more of your customers, creating brand awareness and driving sales.

  • Grow your brand, making it more relevant and attractive to mobile-first customers.

  • Reach more customers and drive better results at lower business costs.

  • Communicate securely, reliably, and instantly with your customers.

  • Provide a single interface for business marketers to execute SMS campaigns.

Tap into 6 billion potential new customers globally

No coding or developers required

No coding or developers required

Import contacts. Create campaigns. Send. With Campaign Manager, you create and send SMS campaigns within minutes.

Go local or go global

Go local or go global

Run campaigns as often as you like, choosing the contacts and countries you want.

Zero additional costs

Zero additional costs

There is no charge for using the application. You only pay for the SMS messages you send.

Increase customer loyalty

Built for all your SMS campaign needs

Customer loyalty programs

Send customers coupon codes and promotional offers related to their favorite products.

Appointment reminders and scheduling

Set, confirm, and remind customers of appointments and reservations.

Account notifications and alert management

Inform customers or employees of issues that need immediate attention.

Customer survey management

Engage customers and gather insight into their opinions with two-way messaging.

Event management

Engage event attendees with welcome messages, venue information, and updates.

Increase engagement on your chat applications with products such as airtime, data, and bill payments

Target and reach customers through SMS campaign manager.

Target and reach the right customers and expand your reach into new locations

  • Segment your customer base easily.

  • Message both individual contacts and groups.

  • Send messages to any country in the world.

Create more-effective marketing campaigns with SMS campaign manager.

Create more-effective marketing campaigns

  • Create an unlimited number of campaign templates.

  • Build your own lists using standard CSV files.

  • Schedule campaigns in advance.

  • Generate a shortened link (using our Bitly integration).

Rapidly respond to campaigns and user activities with SMS campaign manager.

Respond rapidly and appropriately to campaign and user activities

  • Receive responses from campaign recipients (two-way messaging).

  • Deliver auto responses.

  • Manage opt-outs.

  • Track delivery of messages.

  • View messaging logs.

Start sending SMS campaigns today.