Payments in Messaging

Send a message, receive a payment

A convenient way for your customers to pay - with a simple reply in their favorite messaging channel.

Send a message, receive a payment

Chat commerce brought to life

Offer convenient, secure payment experiences delivered with a simple message. Chat 2 Pay securely orchestrates between the business, consumer, and payment provider, to enable innovative, payment acceptance in chat channels, right out the box

Why use Chat 2 Pay?

Improve the customer experience

Improve the customer experience

with a new way for your customers to shop on a channel they know and love.

Reduce cost of business

Reduce cost of business

while increasing sales with payment acceptance on trusted channels.

Deliver convenient, contact-free checkout experience

Deliver convenient, contact-free checkout experience

as part of an effective omnichannel communication strategy.

How does it work?

  • 1

    A payment request is triggered and is sent to the customer as a link in a message.

  • 2

    The customer receives the link and clicks on it, directing them to a secure checkout page.

  • 3

    The customer fills in their details and checks out, receiving confirmation of their order and the receipt.

  • 4

    The customer can save their card details, they can check out with a simple reply in future.

Sell to your customers on the messaging channels they use everyday

Using Chat 2 Pay

Your business can implement Chat 2 Pay in different ways, depending on the source of the payment request.

Chatbot Messaging

Build automated payment experiences into your customer service and support bot on SMS and WhatsApp, using the new Chat 2 Pay node in our powerful workflow builder.

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Live Agent Messaging

Enable your customer support or service agents to send the payment request while messaging with your customers in real-time on our messaging helpdesk.

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Salesforce Order Management Integration

Our integration to the Salesforce OMS allows customers pay for orders placed with a live customer support agent, without the hassle of having to read card details out loud.

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Clickatell's Chat Commerce Platform delivers the payment processing capabilities.

Accept payments worldwide

Payment methods customers prefer

Integrated fraud and security services

PCI DSS payment environment

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