Protect your business with Clickatell’s Fraud Alerts

In today’s business environment, forward-thinking businesses absolutely must ensure sensitive commercial and customer data remains secure. Clickatell Protect allows your customers to transact via secure chat apps with end-to-end encryption, multi-factor authentication, and privacy.

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With Clickatell fraud mitigation:

Chat message sent to customer phone.

Customer responds to chat via WhatsApp.

Chat verification complete - fraud mitigated.

Customers prefer chat.

Your business is under attack

Over 1.5 million coronavirus-themed fraud emails occurred daily from mid-January through mid-April. With rapid increases in call center volume and customer management contacts, it’s harder than ever to contact, engage and communicate with customers about their fraud-related activity.

Wouldn’t you like to improve your reach and get faster responses from your customers? With Clickatell’s chat-based fraud mitigation, your messages are seen by more customers – up to 90% open rates, and responded to much quicker – average response times are often under one minute.

Clickatell’s messages are secure and scalable with the ability to reach billions of global customers over chat platforms such as WhatsApp



  • Reduce complexity around distributing digital products or services.

  • Allow a variety of payment methods.

  • Get to market faster with a flexible and customizable digital engagement platform.

  • Connect to the innovation of Chat Commerce today.



  • Clickatell’s solutions are allowing everyone, from small businesses to large credit unions, banks and government or emergency responders, to Stay Connected.

  • From working with 75 industry-leading financial institutions to providing rapid engagement and communications solutions in times of crisis, Clickatell powers and delivers up to 10 billion messages per year. Whatever the size of your business’ challenges, Clickatell has the solution.



  • Welcome to real-time support and rapid responses to inquiries.

  • Clickatell’s solutions feature end-to-end encryption, multi-factor authentication, and absolute privacy.

  • We’ve been providing secure engagement, transactional and communications solutions for over twenty years – take advantage of our industry-defining experience in keeping customers, and businesses, safe.

Chat Commerce incorporates the full consumer life cycle

Chat commerce enables brands to engage with their consumers and conduct seamless transactions, in their channel of choice.

Connect, engage, and transact with your customers in their chat channel of choice.Your customers can easily learn about your products, place orders, make purchases, return, and track deliveries, engage with live agents, resolve issues, and provide feedback in a seamless process, anytime, anywhere.

Get started with Chat Commerce today. We can show you the way.

Learn More about Chat Commerce

Learn more about Chat Commerce



Enable your customers to securely transact, receive 24/7 support and time-critical notifications via the world’s most popular chat channel – WhatsApp.

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Chat Flow

Chat Flow lets you create, edit, test and manage complex chat commerce experiences across multiple channels, building rich conversational engagements with your customers, visually.

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Chat Desk

Resolve queries without a phone call! Deliver superior customer service and support, letting your customers get immediate answers from a live agent through WhatsApp or SMS.

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