Chat Self-Service

Empower your customers to help themselves quickly and conveniently on their preferred mobile chat apps.

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Help your customers help themselves

Let your customers get answers immediately and perform routine tasks on their own, whenever and wherever they are, using the chat channels they already use with family and friends. Clickatell chat self-service is built for today’s mobile-first, tech-savvy customers, enabling you to deliver faster service that keeps existing customers engaged.


Automate self-service options for your customers within popular chat apps to give customers 24/7, instant support and immediate answers to inquiries.

Enable customers to

  • Check the status of orders or deliveries.

  • Check airtime and data balances.

  • Locate businesses’ nearest locations and operating times.

  • Confirm appointments.

  • Confirm flight times and details.

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Workflow management

Create your own chat self-service menus and flows to enhance customer experiences in mere minutes—without developer assistance.

Gain the ability to

  • Give customers access to self-help material such as FAQs, community forums, and training material.

  • Create real-time customer journeys in chat for multiple users.

  • Manage automated customer workflows to increase customer engagement.

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Engage with more customers via Clickatell chat self-service

  • Provide instant customer support, anytime, anywhere on customers’ favorite chat channels.

  • Empower customers to help themselves, increasing satisfaction and engagement.

  • Develop deeper customer relationships and retain more customers.

  • Reduce incoming queries and allocate resources to escalations.

  • Create and manage customer journeys to optimize customer experiences.

Help customers get answers immediately and support themselves with chat self-service

Personalize customer experiences

Personalize customer experiences

Develop deeper customer relationships and increase customer satisfaction and retention.

Drive satisfaction and customer engagement

Drive satisfaction and customer engagement

Create lasting customer relationships and value.

Increase availability

Increase availability

Offer immediate customer support 24/7, and reduce incoming queries.

Save costs

Save costs

Reduce incoming calls and dependency on support agents for routine tasks.

Improve efficiency

Improve efficiency

Easily solve the 20% of repetitive customer issues that cause 80% of inquiries.

Built for the needs of modern businesses and their brands

Automated self-service.

Multiple messaging channels.

Fits into existing customer service environments.

Low-code for quicker rollouts.

Start providing the chat self-service your tech savvy customers expect.