Digital Commerce and Payments in Messaging

In-Channel Payments 💰

Enable secure payment collection in messaging channels via a global payment infrastructure.

Improved Conversations 📈

Increase sales and engagement by creating innovative commerce experiences on messaging platforms.

Faster Deployment 🚀

Swiftly integrate payments into messaging channels with low-code/no-code methods, accelerating time to market.

Included Features

Enterprise APIsEnterprise APIs
Channel ManagementChannel Management
Campaign MesagingCampaign Mesaging
Opt-Out ManagementOpt-Out Management
Automated MessagingAutomated Messaging
Live Agent MessagingLive Agent Messaging
API IntegrationAPI Integration
3rd Party Integration3rd Party Integration
Account AuthenticationAccount Authentication
Payment GatewaysPayment Gateways
Card TokenizationCard Tokenization
Order & Fulfillment ManagementOrder & Fulfillment Management

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