Use a technology chatbot for increased customer engagement and support


“In today’s world, brands across industries need to be where their customers are, talk to them in a language that they’re comfortable interacting in, understand their doubts and problems (maybe even more than one at a time) and innovate the ways they provide solutions to their customers.” - Forbes 

Companies are having to engage with more customers, fielding queries and concerns that are often too overwhelming for customer support agents to attend to. Advanced messaging solutions in the form of technology chatbots provide a customer- and employee-friendly solution that allows businesses to effectively engage with, and support, customers without piling too much pressure on staff. To give you a better idea of how technology chatbots can better serve your customers, here’s an in-depth overview of this communication tool. 

What is a technology chatbot?

This is a conversational application which companies incorporate into their existing systems to enhance customer engagement and improve customer support. The chatbot can be programmed to communicate automated responses to frequently asked questions, as well as sharing other support documents. Where the chatbot is unable to assist, then it can redirect the customer to a live agent who can take the query further. Because chatbots are able to analyse human dialogue, this can be replicated when engaging with actual humans, making them feel more comfortable. 

How do chatbots increase customer engagement?

There are so many ways that this advanced messaging solution will increase customer support and ensure customer engagement for your business. Here’s a look at some of the ways you can benefit from technology chatbots

1. Simple integration

Chatbots can be easily integrated into your existing work structures which allow you to improve levels of engagement. This allows you to access further customer information through CRM (customer relationship management) systems, so that your customers are enjoying a much more personalized service.

2. Chatbots offer real-time conversation

Companies that operate at a global level are likely to get requests from customers at all times of the day – and modern customers want instant gratification! Fortunately, chatbots are able to keep customers supported 24 hours a day, providing immediate answers to pressing questions. This level of ongoing support will keep customers much more engaged with your brand. 

3. Better customer engagement

When a customer is asking the same question over and over, then the customer support agent, no matter how well-trained, is likely to get annoyed. This frustration is not what you need when dealing with customers on a daily basis. Chatbots, on the other hand, are able to deal with a massive number of questions and there’s no risk of them losing their tempers or getting irritated. 

4. Proactive communication

You can engage chatbots for one-way communication which provides your customers with valuable information such as account balances and notifications, but you can take this a step further by engaging in two-way communication which allows for more proactive engagement. With this, you can improve the customer journey by encouraging them to interact with you and discover what it is they want and need. 

5. High-priority tasks

We’ve mentioned that customers benefit from 24-hour engagement with chatbots, but further to this, any urgent tasks are also attended to, which is especially important for travel and related industries. If a flight has been cancelled or travellers find themselves in a high-risk environment, the chatbot can assist in finding alternative means of transport and accommodation immediately.

6. Upselling and cross-selling

Chatbots are the perfect platform for cross-promotion of products and services. Visiting Italy? Why not stay in one of these top-class hotels? By integrating with your existing systems, the chatbot is able to further promote relevant products and services which makes concluding a sale that much likelier.

7. System familiarity

With WhatsApp boasting some 2 billion users across the globe, there’s no learning curve when it comes to customer interaction on such a familiar platform. Chatbots are conveniently found on your website, with chat desks allowing you to engage with your customers across a multitude of platforms. 

8. Increase your revenue

With chatbots, you are equipping your existing customer support agents with the tools they need for better customer engagement and improved time management. Because of the ease of use, and conversational manner of chatbots, there is no need for constant phone support. This drastically reduces your operational costs, with employees redirected to more business-driving tasks. 

9. Analytics and insights

Another fantastic benefit of technology chatbots is their ability to record customer engagements and provide insights into both your customers’ reactions, and your employees’ interactions. This can be used for future training purposes and allow you to tweak operations to better serve customers. Other ways you can gain insight is by encouraging customers to complete quick chatbot-facilitated surveys. 

Which industries benefit from advanced messaging solutions?

Another great thing about chatbot technology is that it isn’t restricted to technological industries at all. In fact, almost every industry can now benefit from the customer service offered by chatbots. Some of the industries leading the way in this field include: 

  • Retail industries with eCommerce becoming a dominant online solution;

  • Healthcare industries which are able to renew scripts and provide health solutions via chatbots;

  • The travel and hospitality industries with airline, hotel and tour bookings all facilitated via chatbots;

  • Real estate industry with potential properties shared via chatbots;

  • Food industry with people able to order and organize food deliveries via chatbots;

  • Education industry with student support materials and notifications shared via chatbots; and

  • Logistics industry with dispatch and delivery updates sent via chatbots. 

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