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Introducing Nigerian Telecoms to Chat Commerce via WhatsApp

WhatsApp is changing the way companies around the world connect and do business with their customers. In many ways, Nigeria is ground zero for this innovation. With more than 90 million WhatsApp users – a full 45% of the national population – Nigeria has one of the world’s largest WhatsApp market penetrations of people 16-years-old and older. Telecom companies in Africa have been discovering the value of using WhatsApp to provide their customers new services through interactive messaging, enabling people to manage their accounts, receive balance notifications, and make purchases like data and airtime – all through WhatsApp.

Since WhatsApp is a natural extension of customers’ lives, there is tremendous value in using the channel to provide services, support, and a great deal of added value to the services that telecoms already provide.

Let’s take a closer look at how Nigerian telecoms benefit from using WhatsApp to connect with their customers.

Use WhatsApp to improve engagement, attract new customers, and increase revenue

Given the market penetration of WhatsApp in Nigeria and its clear position as the leading messaging app in the country, using this channel to communicate and offer consumers more services and customized deals is a win-win. Your customers can get more done, more quickly through WhatsApp, and your business introduces a new, lucrative revenue channel that will provide enormous ROI within months. One recent telecom deployment of Clickatell’s Chat Commerce Platform using WhatsApp led to 55% of first-time users returning for future engagement and a 30% month-on-month customer adoption growth rate.

Investing in WhatsApp as a service and support channel, also provides a new competitive advantage by increasing transactional volume and attracting and retaining customers – something that is paramount in an age of continuous digital transformation and growing competition in the Nigerian telecom space. This “sticky” customer experience saves people time and makes first-time users returning users.

Enable fast, secure payments and transactions

Security against fraud and concerns over personal information privacy are always on the minds of customers. And this is one reason that using WhatsApp as a payments gateway is optimal. By enabling payments directly through the WhatsApp channel, your telecom will benefit by peace of mind of knowing that WhatsApp end-to-end encryption is one of the most secure payment vehicles in the world. We explored the full Chat App security space in a recent white paper and WhatsApp’s security is industry-leading.

Clickatell’s Chat Commerce Platform and WhatsApp optimize customer service and support

Clickatell has built the world’s first Chat Commerce Platform to provide innovative telecom companies like yours with robust products for self-service, account management, and transactional services in Chat your customers will value, including quick and convenient experiences with your brand.

Our Chat Flow product allows telecoms to set up a variety of workflows to create chat experiences with your customers through WhatsApp. Chat Flow lets you create, edit, test, and manage complex Chat Commerce experiences across multiple channels, building rich conversational engagements with your customers visually.

Clickatell’s Chat Desk, one of the most advanced digital contact center software solutions for live agents in the world, lowers initial contact center volume by deflecting calls to WhatsApp for chatbots to help solve simple support inquiries. Given that as much as 80% of incoming calls to a typical contact center involve questions or issues that have already been resolved, a WhatsApp-enabled solution will eliminate human costs, resolve issues more quickly and directly, and give customers the full-digital experiences they want.

Chat Desk works by giving your customers the ability to get immediate answers from a live agent through whatever channel they choose—online web Chat or mobile Chat apps like WhatsApp – reducing contact center costs, helping customers get information and resolve issues more quickly, and giving the contact center greater flexibility to manage teams, call volume, and increase satisfaction.

In addition, Clickatell’s customer Portal allows your business to have real-time and detailed views of each transaction, sale, and refund – market intelligence that can allow you to optimize the Chat Commerce gateway for improved results over time.

To learn how to begin using our Chat Commerce Platform and WhatsApp to provide new value to your customers, take engagement with your brand to the next level, and build a powerful new revenue channel, contact Samson Isa (link), Director in West Africa at Clickatell, today!



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