Clickatell AI

Chat has never been more intelligent

Create deeper customer engagement, more personalized interactions, and improved operational efficiencies, all driven by the power of artificial intelligence.

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Clickatell AI

Chat Commerce, now enhanced with the power of AI

Clickatell AI leverages an array of AI technologies to understand customer intent and deliver automated, conversational responses that are accurate, insightful and contextually relevant.

Optimize your experience

Increased Efficiency – Clickatell AI learns in real-time, naturally improving customer engagement while reducing the time and effort required for manual bot programming. 

Engagement at Scale – Serve more customers at scale with personalized, automated responses.

Customer Satisfaction – Better understand customer intent, through sentiment analysis, enabling  agents to improve customer satisfaction in real-time, and improve CSAT / NPS scores.

Delight your customers

Relevant Interactions – Consumers can receive accurate, rapid, personalized responses faster and with less human error.

Hassle Free Purchases – Consumers receive a streamlined checkout process, which eliminates cart abandonment and increases revenue.

Ultra Personalization – the more Clickatell AI interacts with your customers, the richer the experience becomes.

Next gen customer service

Customer Satisfaction – Provide fast 24 x 7 self-serve support.

Agent ROI – Provide customer service agents with suggested responses to customer queries, improving accuracy and speed to resolution. 

Agent Productivity – Boost agent productivity, training, and onboarding.

The future of mobile messaging is happening

Clickatell AI is only available to a limited number of customers with plans for a wider release in the future. Reach out today to learn more.